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Emily Izabel Middleton
Born February 12, 1995
Nicknames Em (by everyone)
Emi (by Katrina Middleton and Melissa Middleton)
Titles The Youngest Sister
Daughter of the Court
Goddess of Love
Species Witch
Gender Female
Height 5'4
Hair Dark brown
Eyes Blue
Siblings James Middleton
Melissa Middleton
Katrina Middleton
Parents Katia Middleton
Alexander Middleton
Grandparents Henry Dragons
unnamed maternal grandmother
unnamed paternal grandparents
Loyalty The Wiccan Goddesses
Angela and the Court

"I was glad it was me who had the highest chance of dying. Because Emily was too gentle, too kind to take the pain of losing her love. She had such a big heart and good intentions. She had a happy, loving impact on those around her, and it would effect more than a handful of people if she died." -Katrina Middleton on Emily.

Emily is the Goddess of Love, one of the three Wiccan Goddesses, alongside her sisters Melissa Middleton and Katrina Middleton. She is the youngest of her siblings, including her older brother James Middleton. She is the daughter of Katia Middleton and Alexander Middleton. Emily is currently in a relationship with Jared Evans.