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This page is dedicated to my (_beyou_tiful) Wattpad story 'Spellbound.' Come on over and read whatever you need to clarify! Feel free to edit my mistakes(:

Summary: I thought I was like everyone else. I thought my life was ordinary. But then that night came, when I jumped in front of a car to save two girls--Melissa and Emily. I was kidnapped from the hospital by my best friend and her uber-hot brother and brought to the University--a school where mythical beings learn how to control our powers. I learned that Melissa, Emily and I are sisters with our memories wiped, and my best friend is a werewolf. My sisters and I are the Wiccan Goddesses, the saviors of the world. Lucas, my best friend's brother and the love of my life, is the only thing pushing me forwards. Evil beings are rising, and it's my job to stop them from killing everyone we love.

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