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James Middleton
Born April 20, 1989
Nicknames Jimmy (by his sisters)
Titles Son of the Court
Species Warlock
Gender Male
Height 6 '2
Hair Dark brown
Eyes Blue
Siblings Melissa Middleton
Katrina Middleton
Emily Middleton
Parents Katia Middleton
Alexander Middleton
Grandparents Henry Dragone
Unnamed maternal grandmother
Unnamed paternal grandparents
Loyalty The Wiccan Goddesses
[Angela and the Court]]

"As for James? God, it was so long ago. My mother shut herself down. Me and my sisters were a wreck for months. But we thought of all the good things he did in his life. My brother was a good man, and your sister was a good girl. Pain doesn't go away. It's still there, everyday, aching and throbbing in your heart. But it numbs, and you push past it, and you continue with life." -Katrina Middleton to Alexa White about James's death.

James is the deceased oldest child of Katia Middleton and Alexander Middleton. He is the older brother of the three Wiccan Goddesses, Melissa Middleton, Katrina Middleton, and Emily Middleton. Not much is known about James except that he died in a Shaitan attack when he was eighteen.