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Lucas Christopher Cassidy
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Born July 2, 1992
Nicknames My Prince (by Katrina Middleton)
Luke (by everyone)
Titles Guardian
Species Half werewolf, half warlock
Gender Male
Height 6'4
Hair Golden brown
Eyes Brown (human)
Amber (wolf)
Siblings Annalise Cassidy
Veronica Cassidy
Parents Sophia Cassidy
Jacob Cassidy
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Loyalty The Wiccan Goddesses
Angela and The Court

"I was scared, that if I faced you--if I explained why I didn't tell you I almost died in an explosion, it would make it official. I haven't had anyone besides my family who cares about me like you do. And if...if I died that day, I wouldn't just be hurting my family. I'd be hurting you, too." -Lucas to Katrina Middleton.

Lucas Cassidy is the son of witches-turned-werewolves and Court members Sophia and Jacob Cassidy. He is the twin brother of Annalise Cassidy and the older brother of Veronica Cassidy. He is currently in a relationship with the Goddess of War, Katrina Middleton.


Lucas is incredibly headstrong, brave, selfless, and tough. He is said to be very emotionally guarded and protective of the people he loves.