Forever Spellbound Wiki
Melissa Clara Middleton
Born January 27, 1991
Nicknames Lita (by her siblings)
Mel (by everyone)
Titles Goddess of the Earth
Species Witch
Gender Female
Height 5 '6
Hair Dark brown
Eyes Blue
Siblings James Middleton
Katrina Middleton
Emily Middleton
Parents Katia Middleton
Alexander Middleton
Grandparents Henry Dragone
Unnamed maternal grandmother
Unnamed paternal grandparents
Loyalty The Wiccan Goddesses
Angela and the Court

"And Melissa. Everyone already knew who she loved most--her baby. She wouldn't be able to stand the pain of losing her child. And Emily and I needed our big sister to keep us in place. We needed her to guide us. Without her...we'd lose the battle for sure." -Katrina Middleton on Melissa.

Melissa is the oldest daughter of Katia Middleton and Alexander Middleton. She is the younger sister of James Middleton and the older sister to Katrina Middleton and Emily Middleton. She is one of the three Wiccan Goddesses, the Goddess of the Earth. She is pregnant with the baby of her ex-boyfriend, Chase Leclair, who was turned into a Shaitan named Deermia.


Melissa is, like her sisters, incredibly selfless and stubborn.